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Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences (HAS) is a comprehensive natural science research institution which is directly subordinate to the provincial government. HAS was established in 1958 as Chinese Academy of Sciences-Heilongjiang Branch. HAS is mainly engaged in the scientific research of application basis, strategic advanced technology, key public nonprofit studies; establishing key laboratories, pilot bases and engineering centers; Additionally, HAS engaged in scientific research developing national and international communications, cooperation, organizing and coordinating related institutions in order to execute science and technology activities. Furthermore, HAS participats in the preparation of the Provincial Sci-Tec Development plan, by contacting Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering to promote international academic exchange and Sci-Tec cooperation and undertaking the related cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering. Today, HAS has formed a modern scientific research institute system with a rational scientific layout, incorporated with distinct advantages, unique features and the ability to plays an important, yet supportive and leading role in the provincial technology innovation system.

HAS is a composed Institute of Advanced Technology, Institute of Petro chemistry, Daqing Branch, Institute of Microbiology, Technical Physics Institute, Institute of automation, Institute of Natural Resources and Ecology. Additionally, HAS is a composed institute of Energy and Environment Research Institute, Institute of Volcano and Mineral Spring, Heilongjiang Industrial Technology Cooperation Center to Russia, Bio-fertilizer Research Center and Sci-Tec Incubation. HAS includes four state level key laboratories and engineering research centers, namely 1. Nation and Locality Joint Engineering Laboratory for Wet Land And Regional Ecological Conservation, 2. Specialist Laboratories for Pseudomonas Pyocyaneum of National Center of Medical Culture Collections, 3. Nation and Locality Joint Engineering Research Center for Special Adhesive Materials, 4. International Joint Research Center for level key laboratories, pilot plants, and engineering centers such as: Key Laboratories for Clean Energy Fuel and Oil Burning, a Provincial Engineering Research Center for Non-Power Applications of Nuclear Technology for Civil Use, Heilongjiang Engineering and Technology Research Center for Functional Ceramic Materials, and the Engineering Research Center for Flax and Biomass Materials’ Deep Processing And Utilization. Additionally, HAS includes a Heilongjiang Engineering Research Center for Automatic Control and Heilongjiang Pilot Plant of Mineral Water Beverage and etc. HAS also participates in the establishment of national technology and innovation strategic alliance for black fungus. It publishes a variety of technical journals published for organizers of provincial societies of chemistry, bioengineering, microorganism, and automation, for instance: 《Chemistry and Adhesion》, 《Automatic Technology and Application》, 《Biotechnology》, and 《Heilongjiang Science》and etc.

HAS has additionally created a comprehensive and multi-level talent system based on the personnel reserve and training. The talents are reserved and trained according to disciplinary planning. A talent team has been organized which is guided by HAS’s supervision research committee, cored by committee members of HAS’s department of science, supported by experts of Thousand Talents Program and experts who enjoyed special government allowances. Moreover, the organized talent team is similarly guided by national and provincial young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, high-level personnel experts who are the Yangtze River scholar Professors and innovated by young science technocrats. This talent system has provided sustainable support for the development of human resource of HAS.

The scientific layout of HAS has been adjusted and optimized consistently in accordance with the demand of national and provincial strategies. This has made important contributions to the national and regional economic development. The distinguishing features and advantages have been generated in different fields of science such as: Catalytic Reaction Engineering, Fine Chemical Engineering, Organic Polymer Materials, Functional Composites, Microbiology, Microbial Pharmaceutics, Nuclear Detection Technology and Nuclear Electronics, Radiation Physics and Technology, Control Science and Technology, Computer Decision Support System, Botany, Ecology, Garden Botany, Energy Chemistry and etc. Furthermore, HAS has gained over 2000 scientific and technological achievements, 350 patents, 20 software copyrights, and 200 state and provincial science and technology awards which include 18 state science and technology awards.

HAS insists on the development of technological innovative service industry, and actively promotes the technological achievements to be developed in Heilongjiang. The institute-company and industry-university-research cooperation complex has been formed with high quality and efficiency based on the aspects of technology transfer, achievements popularization and industrial base construction. HAS has an innovative system with key research achievements in areas such as: adhesive, water, fertilizer, fungus, hemp, nuclear and ecology as well as with specialties such as: 3D printing, graphite material, air ionization, ecosystem conservation, comprehensive utilization of biomass, special plants and animals, ornamental plant of cold region, the “black” functional food, and liquid grains. HAS exploits industrial advantages to the maximum and greatly promotes industrial development.

“Opening the mind” has always been a basic point of HAS. HAS continuously enhances the capability of importing, understanding, assimilating and re-innovating. The philosophy of HAS is to seek partnerships and cooperation, to promote the development of HAS and generate mutual benefits. Moreover, this also includes obtaining the latest international innovation resources, jointly promoting high-level fundamental research, High-Tec scientific research and creating an international collaborative innovation mechanism. HAS has established research and development platforms, for institutions such as: Harbin Base of International Center on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage under the auspices of UNESCO, China-Canada Biofibres Joint Research Centre, China-Japan Air Ionization Technology Research and Development Center, China-Korea Graphite and Carbon-based Materials Joint Research Center, China-Ukraine Carbon-graphite Materials Joint Research Center, Ukraine-China Research Center of Bast Crops, China-Russia Nuclear Analysis Laboratory, Sino-Belarus Adhesive Joint Research Center., Economic Trade and Technical Sharing Platform of Commonwealth Independent States,Heilongjiang—Albert Asphalt & Heavy Oil United Research Center,Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences-Irkutsk Scientific Center Collaborative Innovation Base, Multi-species and Small Batch Base of State Special Adhesives,Harbin Institute of Technology - Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences Laboratory of High-Energy Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Science. Furthermore, the research and development platform also includes Tsinghua University Institute of Architecture and Environmental Equipment—Energy And Environmental Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province, Energy & Environmental United Research Team,Heilongjiang 3D-printing Technological Innovation and Service Center, Heilongjiang Provincial Promotion and Integration of Information Technology and Industrialization Center , State Key Laboratory of Energy Combustion, Tianjin University—Energy and Environmental Research Institute of Heilongjiang Province, Dual-fuel Technology Research Center,Heilongjiang Provincial Synergetic and Innovative Center of Development and Utilization of Under-forest Economic Resource, Heilongjiang Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center of Graphite Synthetic Diamond and Advanced Utilization. In terms of advantages, HAS has the geographical advantage of cooperating with Russia, and has built further cooperative relationships with institutes and universities such as: Irkutsk Scientific Center of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Belarus Academy of Sciences, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Belarusian State University. Additionally, the joint research and development platforms have been built up by HAS with the collaboration of different countries, such as the United State, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Korea, Argentina, Czech Republic, Israel, and Finland, etc. The external cooperation activities such as exchanging guest professors and exchanging staff to go abroad for training are increasingly active.

Furthermore, HAS always focuses on the development of the soft environment, by basing its focus on the fundamental point of developing Party Building and organizational culture construction. “Investigating the truth, telling the truth, solving the substantive problems, making real achievements and seeking for real efficiency” is the establishment principle of HAS. Moreover,the organizational culture of “Engaging in innovation and improvement, learning from failure and harmonizing the humanities” , the construction of “Five macro environments”, and the concept of “Comprehensive academy of sciences” have encouraged the work enthusiasm of HAS’s staff.

HAS has been regarded as “Being practical for the truth and accumulating for innovation” the pursuit of value, and regarded as the “Innovation 2020 development plan” the blueprint, which is led by the scientific research spirit of “Being patient to get the most efficient”. HAS keeps conducting the mission of developing the world of technology and makes new achievements continuously.

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